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Details about Video Colposcope from Oracle Medical Systems.

Colposcopy Procedure Article by Dr.Sapkal

Colposcopy Procedure a complete compilation from various articles and authors.



Video Colposcope
Dr. Camscope is a high quality and revolutionary product in the field of GYNECOLOGICAL diagnosis for seeing a true and live picture of vaginal infections or cervical erosions on the screen with high color contrast.
This is being used throughout the world for GYNECOLOGIC EXAMINATION & RESEARCH. Gradually it is becoming popular because it is not only helping doctors at arriving any final diagnosis, it's also builds confidence of patients through actual viewing.
        Excellent image quality with better depth perception.
        Easy detection of cervical cancer and erosion.
        Easy way to find out inflammation in cervix area.
        Target biopsy with walking distance while seeing on the monitor. High resolution with true colour helps the doctor in great way because it produces true tissue color.
        By arriving at a final conclusion Dr. can take quick follow up course.

Video Colposcope

Dr.Camscope High Resolution Video Colposcope 



Video Colposcopy Procedure
During this procedure, a viewing scope (Video Colposcope Probe) is projected over the cervical region. The Video Colposcope Probe is a specially designed to focus the vagina to magnify the region for inspection. It has integrated fiber optic cable to illuminate the examination region with High intensity light (100W). As Video colposcope has highly sensitive CCD system, a 100W illumination is more than sufficient to get excellent picture clarity. The Video Colposcope should have sufficient Image memory to store the images. Alternately Imagesoft image management system from Oracle Medical Systems ( ) can be used for permanently storing large number of images on the computers Hard Disk Drive (HDD). 


Step 1:
First the Normal Image of Cevix is freezed and stored. 

Step 2:
The cervix is swabbed with saline water to wash the cervical region for examination. 

Step 3:
The Cervix is swabbed with 3% TO 5% acetic acid solution to remove the mucus that covers the surface and highlight abnormal areas.
3% - 5% acetic acid solution is applied with a cotton swab to turn abnormal areas yellow or white. Small portions of these abnormal areas can then be removed for biopsy with a special punch instrument.

A colposcopy takes about 15 minutes and is performed in your doctor's clinic. Although the procedure may be uncomfortable, it is not painful. You may feel some discomfort-similar to menstrual cramps-when cervical tissue is removed for biopsy.

Endocervical curretage (ECC):
Often performed during a colposcopy, ECC involves scraping cells from the inner portion of the cervix. Even when the outside of the cervix appears normal through a colposcope, the inner cervix, which can't be viewed, could pose a problem. Adenocarcinoma, for example, is a form of cancer that grows in the upper portion of the cervix and is difficult to detect without an ECC. It is common in young women and spreads quickly. Together, colposcopy and ECC can reliably identify most cervical cancers.

Loop electrocautery excision procedure (LEEP) and conization:
These two more extensive methods of diagnosing abnormal tissue may also be used as treatments for CIN and early invasive cervical cancer.


Users of Dr.Camscope Video Colposcope

1. Dr. Mrs. Pratibha Baheti, Baheti Hospital, Nagpur(M.S.). India.
2. Dr.Bharat Lanjewar, Bhandara (M.S.). India



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